Fall is here!  And that means, NEW FALL ITEMS!

Check out these adorable witch wine charms!  The only question now, is which witch? =P

"Toil and Trouble" - (Click the photo to see more!)

“Toil and Trouble” – (Click the photo to see more!)

"Cute Witches"  (click the photo to see more!)

“Cute Witches” (click the photo to see more!)

Happy October 1st!

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My mom occasionally likes to tell the story about how she first started drinking coffee.  She paints a picture of a tiny dorm room, roommates, and late night study sessions.  The story unfolds that she was never much of a coffee drinker until her college days, where the coffee pot’s home was on her desk and after smelling it for a semester, she finally gave in and began drinking it on a regular basis.  Since then — coffee was a staple in her house.

I’m finding that I’m quite similar in that I never really had much of a taste for it until recently.  As a kid (as I’m sure many of us have done), I snuck a sip of hers when she wasn’t looking and HATED it.  Like, hardcore hated it and immediately went for water, or juice or something else to wash away the taste.  I didn’t understand how something that smelled SO good could taste so awful!

Even into college, I never really ordered coffee at restaurants or out places.  The most coffee-like drinks I had were all the starbucks-ey concoctions of so much cream and other flavoring that I hardly noticed that there was actual coffee in the cup.  It wasn’t until owning my own home, coffee pot and regular supply of Gevalia coffee (seriously, yum!) that I started drinking the stuff with any sort of regularity.  Still, my cup is about 1/5 creamer…. I just can’t do coffee by itself!

– More on that Gevalia business… we just started trying Dark Chocolate Truffle in our house, and WOW does it smell (okay, and taste) great… –
DkChocTruffleSo what does this have to do with Motivation Monday?  Call up Pavlov for an explanation, because whenever I need to get some serious work done (or force myself to do something I hate – like balancing checkbooks or other tedious paperwork tasks), I need a cup of coffee at my side. I do occasionally substitute a nice cup of Numi brand tea, but like clockwork, there’s a drink by my side.  It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls reruns for the past week or so, and am noticing just how much coffee is mentioned in that show! I’m sure that’s not helping things on my end at all. Had product placement been more of a thing back then, Starbucks could’ve made a fortune.

This week includes a ton of Charmed By Wine photo editing and new items being added to the shop in preparation for the fall/holiday season, so you can bet my trusty Christmas mug will be at my side frequently!  Yes – Christmas mug.  I have a sincere aversion to standard-shaped mugs, and LOVE a good tall, angled mug.  We do have some great shaped mugs with our dishes (which make frequent cameos in my wine charm photos!) but they’re more of an ‘after dinner’ size, not a ‘need motivation to get things done’ size, so they’re only my go-to when the others aren’t available. Hence, the Christmas mug that now has a permanent place in our cupboard. Whatever works, right??

mug copy

Hope your Monday is as motivating as mine!  Time to attack that to-do list and get some new items up for sale!

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I had this nice plan about posting every couple days. Motivation Monday TOTALLY got skipped this week.  Not for lack of motivation, but for family emergencies.  sigh

You know those weeks/months where you have 5 things to get done that week, and BAM you suddenly have 75 things to get done in the same amount of time?  Yeah. That happened to both Mark and I, and not many of the 75 things were positive or happy.  In fact, every single day since my birthday (and even that day!) has been rather miserable. 28 is so not looking good right now. ugh.  I’m trying my hardest to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around me and that other people are more important right now.  That’s helping a bit.  I kicked my butt into gear this week and am trying to get through as much of my to-do list as possible so that I can be helpful to others.  It’s easy to be motivated when things HAVE to get done, and other people are counting on you.

As far as the Wine Wednesday bit of it?  There’s definitely a glass with my name on it tonight.  Bill paying and wine drinking on a Wednesday night – woo hoo!

….seriously, when did I become a bill paying, wine drinking responsible, motivated adult?  Yikes.