Came across a great pairing guide for your favorite halloween candy, wine, beer or booze.  Get to it — Halloween is just around the corner!

Wine Beer and Booze Halloween Guide

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It’s starting…..

I’m trying to be a bit more prepared for the holiday rush than I was last year.  Unfortunately, that means making 500+ glass tile charms.  A little daunting to see the artwork done all at once.  4 of 6 pages in the photo below — Yikes!  The good news is I have my handy dandy hardware (ahem – wine charm) sorter in the background there…. all labeled and ready to become my super-organized storage!

Time for a glass of wine, some Star Trek, and LOTS of adhesive and patience….


I LOVE lighting candles in fall/winter, and making our house smell awesome.  There are a few ‘signature scents’ that have found their way into our house after Mark and I agree on them in the store. We’ve stayed with Yankee Candle and Bath and Body works scents primarily…

Fluffy Towels” – (Which we ended up not being a huge fan of, other than it was the only ‘linen-clean’ sort of scent we bought).  Mark mistakenly called it “Fluffy Clouds” one day, and well… that name stuck!

Pinecone and Lime”  – OH MY WINTER. Our house and neighborhood has a woodsy edge to it, so we knew a pine scent would be great in our home.  Our first Christmas saw a slight debate on real vs fake trees — and this was our compromise.  Fake tree + pine scented candle.  Out of the dozens we sniffed in the store, this was the most mild-yet-realistic scent we found.  It’s perfect for the holidays, or even during summer when all the doors and windows are open. =)

Kitchen Spice”  – Normally I hate sweet, food scented things, especially in the fall “cozy home” variety.  But this candle adds a nice warm spice to our house.  Can’t burn this one for long though…. it does get a little sickening after awhile.

Brown Sugar and Fig” – A bath and body works favorite that I’ve had for years.  It’s a heavy ‘cozy’ scent, which means you don’t need to burn it for long (I swear I’ve had the large jar candle for 5+ years!)

White Citrus” – Another Bath and Bodyworks favorite. Perfect, clean citrus scent with a hint of sweetness. Awesome in the summer!

So the downside to our candle-loving is when we burn them down to the point where they no longer light! Out of all our candles, we were left with Kitchen Spice — and I knew we were in trouble.  So, I took advantage of a sale and explored some new Bath and Body works scents.  I rarely buy candles alone in case Mark ends up hating a particular scent, but I figured I had a decent idea of what he would like — so I took a chance on:

Fresh Balsam – A stronger, brighter pine scent.  Haven’t burned this one yet — I’m thinking it will be quite strong and another “short burn” variety.

Mahogany Teakwood  — OH. MY. GOD. Hands down favorite smelling candle ever.  Smells EXACTLY like A&F or Hollister.  Mark is a HUGE fan of this one, which means we’re going to need to buy at least 4 more. =P

I had to run out on another errand, and right before I left Mark says “When you get home, can we light the candle, put the fireplace on, and watch gilmore girls?  Glances up at our bar  …. “aww. I’m out. Was hoping to add a drink to that list.”

I quickly agreed and left.  I stopped and picked up some Johnnie Walker for him on the way home and we spent the evening with a drink  (Numi tea for me — YUM!), a cozy fireplace, awesome smelling candle, and gilmore girls.
Honestly, is there a better way to celebrate fall?  I didn’t think so.

#HappyFall  #FunFriday