I don’t know a ton about photography, aside from what it takes to photograph my wine charms.  In all honesty, I’m intimidated to learn more than that!  But, for some reason I have this desire to take great photos of Fall  — colorful leaves, pretty landscapes, etc.

Luckily, we live near a park and walking path that lets me borrow husband’s camera and go scurrying off before sunset to practice!  Yesterday’s photo walk was tough since I had NO idea what I was doing, and left a bit late.  I only had about 15-20 minutes of light, which kept changing pretty rapidly.  Despite the challenges, I caught a couple great shots!  Here’s a snippet (edited & cropped).

I have a natural preference for macro photography (taking photos of tiny things or things on a smaller scale) — so that leaf/path photo is hands down my favorite! I love how it turned out.

CBWFallWalkAnd to think I almost didn’t go!  Learned my lesson for sure…. when you have even the littlest bit of motivation – do it!


Tis the season for adding lots of new items to the Charmed By Wine shop in preparations for the holiday rush. So far, we’ve seen a couple cute Halloween charms, a great wine charm set for Buffalo Sabres fans, and now — a whole new product — wine charm gift sets!

Wine Charm Gift Set - Charmed By Wine

Click photo to see more!

As you can see by the photo, the adorable grape clusters come in a few colors, and are offered in several configurations:  Earrings only, Earrings and Matching Charm, or Earrings and Full set of charms!

Funny what happens when you get a wee bit tired of circular wine charms and have some extra ear-wires hanging around in your supply box. =)

Happy #WineWednesday!

One of the major problems with social media is that it is WAY too easy to showcase all your ‘highlights’ and ‘best life moments’.  Glancing at other people’s pages and news feeds provides us with a skewed view of what their lives are really like.  Since we’re all human, we tend to compare our worst moments with other people’s best moments — thus entering a downward spiral of self-loathing, jealousy, and general dislike towards our past and present decision-making skills about our own lives.

It’s so easy to forget that even the best of us have issues, fears, and ‘lowlight’ moments. So, REMEMBER THAT TODAY. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to anyone’s highlight moments — go out and make your own.

Of course if you’re 2-time world champion, Simone Biles, your fear of bees turns out to be something quite adorably funny in the middle of a medal ceremony. Nothing bonds a trio of international champions quite like running from a flower-hungry bee! =)
Buzz Buzz

Watch on youtube here/below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaKCa6m2dT8

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