Celebrate You. Celebrate Success.


“I’m just so busy right now.”

“I would if I had the time…”

“I just need a minute for ME for once”


Sound familiar? So many of us feel rushed, unorganized, uninspired, and unproductive almost every day. The Charmed By Wine brand is about taking a minute to breathe and refocus on the GOOD things that are happening.  The small day-to-day successes, the people around you, and the memories you’re creating right now.

Charmed By Wine started in 2011 as an online boutique shop featuring unique, handcrafted wine charms.  Since then, hundreds of customers have purchased charms for themselves or loved ones – oftentimes to celebrate special occasions, holidays, weddings, reunions, or achievements. Wine charms do more than adorn a glass and claim your chosen beverage.  They bring people together. They help celebrate moments, and create memories. 

However some of us need more than an adorable, sparkly wine charm to keep us focused on the day-to-day successes in our lives. We need organization. A clean house. A stocked fridge and a personal (or household) chef. And we need them yesterday.  Charmed By Wine offers help here, too. Come meet me, and let’s find out how to get you to the point of celebrating your day instead of surviving it. 🍷