Christmas is coming…are you wrapped and ready?

Confession: I HATE wrapping presents. It’s time consuming, and stupid and a waste of money when you know that someone is just going to tear it apart and throw it away.  I’d put things in plastic shopping bags if it didn’t ruin my reputation for being creative and awesome.

Which is where the funny part comes in. I LOVE making things look cute! haha.  So, while I despise wrapping Christmas gifts, once i get going, i find it to be a lot of fun.  Weird.

Well…. this Christmas is a little bit different since we’re saving a little money, and doing some really creative things for our friends and family.  I’ve also been scouring online stores for wrapping materials and have found that gift bags are a LOT cheaper online when you buy them in bulk. hm. That was helpful to learn.

In being creative and coming up with some fun gift ideas, I realized that one of my gifts was too big for any standard kind of bag.  In fact “garbage bag” came up as a possible wrapping idea.  And while I’m sure that the recipient would get a laugh out of me handing over a large ‘lump of coal’ kind of present, I wasn’t really keen on wrapping a present in a trash bag. Something about it just didn’t seem…..sanitary? (yes, I would use a clean trash bag, but still…)

So, once again, I turned to the internet and came up with an awesome idea.  At first I was looking around for those extra large gift bag things, that are all patterned and plastic and are usually used to wrap kids’ bikes and play kitchens and all sorts of big gifts.  What I found was even better — a Santa Bag!  Yeah. The big red Santa Bag!  It’s made from a thin velvet, and has white fur trim and white pom-pom things on the ties…..I decided to take it one step further.  I found black ribbon on sale (plus a 40% off coupon – woot), and grabbed a simple piece of yellow construction paper and scissors……


The sparkled stripes in the ribbon make it really look like a belt, and walking in the room to see this under the tree every day has been extremely enjoyable.  I laugh every time.
What’s even better, is that I can probably persuade the recipient to give me back the bag so that I can use it for years down the road.  If not, well… it wasn’t all that expensive, and its a GREAT idea for little kids when they think that Santa left behind the toy bag!  (It’s also great that if I ever did that, I could leave all their toys unwrapped in the bag – win!)

Long story short….while I hate wrapping presents…..I do love when they come out so cute!
Happy Wrapping!


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