We has a house!

After weeks of baby-sitting grown adults making sure they’re all doing their jobs…. we FINALLY got to close on our new house! It was a bittersweet moment.  There is still a lot of anger, frustration and stress in my heart about what it took to get here, and how much time we’ve lost.  I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that the kitchen will definitely not be anywhere complete by the wedding, and that we might not even be able to move in until after the wedding as well.  The goal right now is to get the upstairs complete with new paint and carpet so that Mark and his guys can stay in that space for wedding prep.

The fun part was actually being able to walk into the house — just the two of us….stand in the center of the living room and say “this is OURS. we own this, and we’re going to live here”.  Of course, that tender moment was short-lived since I was standing in a wide open room with no furniture. Gymnast instinct took over and I of course had to say ‘hello’ to our new house with a few cartwheels and handstands =)

Welcome to our new house!

After owning the house for approximately 2 hours, we started to get to work — first, by watering all the really thirsty plants sitting outside in the 90some degree heat!  There was a steady stream of visitors all day, and we even had a chance to meet a couple of the neighbors (one of which we already know from college!)  I have to say, the first time the doorbell rang, I flew down the stairs yelling “YAAAY VISITORS!”  (and also being glad that the doorbell works).

A few housewarming gifts =)

All of our visitors enjoyed a short tour, and jumped right in and started helping with some of the first projects (taking down wallpaper in the master bedroom).  Around dinnertime, mom went out to get chinese food, and we all took a break to eat at a folding table and chairs that she brought as well.  I giggled a little bit as I realized we were having our first family dinner and party not even 12 hours after owning the house! =)

Our “dining room”

After dinner, it was back to work….

Wallpaper party!

Our first big project is tearing down the wallpaper in the master bedroom so that we can condition and paint all the walls upstairs in preparation for new carpets.  When we first got in the house, it smelled kinda musty (due to being closed up and unoccupied for about 2 weeks).  After running the fan, and using copious amounts of downy to strip wallpaper, our house smells FANTASTIC. haha.
While the wallpaper party was going on, Mark was busy in the loft taping off the baseboards.  My fiance is a wonderful man who pays extremely close attention to details and enjoys perfection to the point that we joke about “his OCD”.  After about 5 minutes of this job, he states that he’s having a great time and this is such a perfect job for him and his OCD.

Gotta love him.

Old yellowing carpet and streaky purple walls.  Getting rid of both. Keepin the man, though =)

As we called it quits for Day 1 of homeownership, Mark was finishing off some taping on the loft railing.  On our initial visits to the house, we always joked about how things were going to fall over the railing, or how we should install a system of pullys and a basket to bring things up to the loft.  Well, it only took 1 day for us to accidentally launch something over the railing.  The victim?  Rhoto eye drops.  At least nobody was underneath at the time!

Our first ‘whoops’ over the railing.

Day 2 has been named “Homeownership day 2: Revenge of the wallpaper”.  Hopefully it goes well.  Would love to have everything painted by the end of the week!

I’ll try to have a few more photos of the house and our projects, as well as a list of our ‘to-do’s’.  We were so anxious to get started, that I forgot I wanted to blog about our renovations!

More to come….


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