Creating an Entryway…

Throughout the home-searching process, I had the opportunity to see many styles of home entryways.  Some front doors opened into a central “atrium’ sort of entryway.  Some were a sunken 4×6 space with a teeny closet, forcing you to step up into the house, shut the door, and then turn around and back in the entry to hang up your coat.  And of course, some just led you straight into a room with no warning (and usually no tile or hardwood!)

When we bought our now-house, one of the things I appreciated was that it had a tiled entryway.  Albeit, I wasn’t a fan of the tile (its growing on me to the point that it’s liveable and on my ‘to change’ list), its still a designated space.

5 months later, its still pretty unfinished…

2012-10-12 21.11.04

My favorite part is probably the rustic/industrial chandelier (aka the bare bulb light fixture that we can’t get back up on the ceiling after we painted).  I have no idea what I want to replace it with since the ceiling slopes, so there it stays for now.  Ok that’s a lie.  I want to replace it with a small pendant-like chandelier, but I can’t find anything I like yet. I’m also trying to figure out what to do with the space in general.  The right side wall creates a nice space for a bench or storage or SOMETHING.  Right now we pile shoes there, and well – it’s cluttered looking.  So, every so often I go on a hunt for ideas.

I came across this blog post that I thought was really well done. She creates and gathers a LOT of options for small and awkward spaces, and I loved looking at these.  Check out “Goodbye House Hello Home” to read more and see the ideas!


I’m leaning towards something like a mix of “make it organized and pretty”, the “compact impact”, and the ‘nook’ ideas.  I’d love a bench with shoe storage in/under it, room for a photo or two to hang, and then shelving or something up above.  We do still have the closet right there, so I don’t need too much else….

I guess I just need the time and money to find what I need, buy it, and put it all together!

Hm. We’ll see what happens.  Happy to have inspiration! =)


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