Absolutely Everything to do With Kitchens (all in one place!)

I know I’ve mentioned how much the internet helps me gain information and inspiration for the various projects I take on….and this definitely proves how spot-on the internet can be.

In the middle of my kitchen blogging, I received an email from Houzz.com. It’s their typical biweekly inspiration and updates that highlight some of the different articles and features that the site is writing/posting/whatever.  I had to laugh when I opened the email.

The. Entire. Thing. Is. About. KITCHENS!

I started reading some of the articles and almost got sad that this info wasn’t available when I was going through our remodel.  Some GREAT tips/tricks and information in here.  Rather than pretend I came up with any of this information (and taking the time to re-blog everything), I’m simply going to link you to the web version of the email.

If you have EVER thought about doing a project in your kitchen….. click and read.


By the way.  Houzz has an app….I know it at least works on iphone and ipads.  It is full of inspiration and is extremely addictive.  Basically an extension of their website, but a bit more user-friendly for those who just enjoy the photos of incredible rooms and spaces.  You can literally page through hours and hours of photos.  I definitely recommend it for long car rides, boring meetings, extended bathroom visits and evening “winding down” time. =P  Apparently there’s also an app exclusively for kids rooms too. Cool!




Happy planning and inspiration =)


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