Lessons in Gardening

Being an athlete all my life and having awesomely disgusting allergies to just about everything flying around during the spring — i’ve never been HUGE into gardening.  My mom on the other hand, loves flowers and futzing outside in gardens with the birds and birdfeeders and solar lights.  I always liked making things pretty, so I’d tag along on our yearly garden-shop trip to pick out flowers and what vegetables we were going to plant that year….benadryl in tow.

My job was always to help assemble the vegetable garden, and fill any pots/containers that we had.  I guess I was given the container job simply because I had the patience for it…but over the years I’ve learned to make some pretty outstanding arrangements (I also love arranging flowers in vases – probably a spinoff interest of my childhood duties).  Anyway, I ran across this blog post the other day and had to laugh, as it pretty much sums up what I figured out over the past several years.  I’m not a fan of “spillers”, but I definitely used the different heights and colors of plants to create interesting arrangements.  This post is definitely a good guide if you’re new to this sort of thing!

Borrowed from “DwellonJoy.com” – click the photo to read the post!

Now being a homeowner, I have ALL the gardens to take care of.  Boy is it an adventure!  I’m definitely putting the concept of “learn something new every day” to good use this season!  Luckily — my allergies seem to be in check for the time being, so I’m actually enjoying all the digging/playing/watering/learning.  Hopefully it stays that way!


Happy Spring…




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