Motivation Monday: Photography Lessons

I don’t know a ton about photography, aside from what it takes to photograph my wine charms.  In all honesty, I’m intimidated to learn more than that!  But, for some reason I have this desire to take great photos of Fall  — colorful leaves, pretty landscapes, etc.


Luckily, we live near a park and walking path that lets me borrow Mark’s camera and go scurrying off before sunset to practice!  Yesterday’s photo walk was tough since I had NO idea what I was doing, and left a bit late.  I only had about 15-20 minutes of light, which kept changing pretty rapidly.  Despite the challenges, I caught a couple great shots!  Here’s a snippet (edited & cropped).

I have a natural preference for macro photography (taking photos of tiny things or things on a smaller scale) — so that leaf/path photo is hands down my favorite! I love how it turned out.

CBWFallWalkAnd to think I almost didn’t go!  Learned my lesson for sure…. when you have even the littlest bit of motivation – do it!



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